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Application P. Thomas

Post by TPuttonen » Thu Nov 26, 2020 4:57 pm

So lets start off here. My name is Thomas and my age is 13 though i am mature for my age and i have 218h on arma i have not been in any unit before, and i am applying to this one because i would like to play in a arma 3 unit.

Even though i only have 200 hours i am experienced with realistic shooters and arma 3.

If i was to choose a role i would preferrably be AT, grenadier or medic i am capable of playing semi late in the evening, during weekends i will be able to play almost any time. I live in finland so my time zone is not much different from british timezones.

I found this unit in the subreddit r/FindAUnit.

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O. McCarthy
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Re: Application P. Thomas

Post by O. McCarthy » Thu Nov 26, 2020 5:25 pm

Dear Applicant P. Thomas,

Due to you only being 13 we have to deny you on this occasion, we have a strict age limit of 16 and above with special exceptions made for 15 year olds if they show exceptional maturity.

Should you wish to reapply to join the 6th AB you will have to wait until you are 15 before an application will be considered by the unit.

Plt Off. O. McCarthy
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