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Weekly Operations

The 6th Airborne Division conducts two operations a week:

Thursdays at 2000 GMT & Sundays at 1900 GMT.

Our operations consist of a variety of scenarios, from simple exercises to full blown campaigns.



The 6th Airborne bases itself on the modern British parachute regiments, its namesake coming from a parachute division from World War Two. The unit was formed in 2008, originally as a realism unit for the Half Life 2 modification, Resistance & Liberation. Then we moved to ArmA 2: Combined Operations. We now operate on ArmA 3 for a more realistic, large scale and modern gaming experience.

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We use a variety of mods for our operations, the core mods we use are...

  • Task Force Radio Arrowhead (TFAR)
  • Advanced Combat Environment (ACE)
  • Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment (ALIVE)
  • 3CB Weapons
  • 3CB Equipment

As a unit we have access to our private server for operations, along with a teamspeak server too.

Based on the British Army the 6th Airborne Division tries to provide a realistic emulation of British Army tactics and procedures, all within the confines of the ARMA 3 system. Through the use of modding we have access to a wide arsenal of British equipment and vehicles. All of the tactics we employ are based on real British Army manoeuvres, or adapted slightly due to engine limitations and to ensure missions are enjoyable.

When you join the 6th Airborne Division you’ll be welcomed by our members. The 6th has a proud history of camaraderie and we encourage a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for all our members. Our TeamSpeak is available 24/7 for you to hop on and chat with our members. It is not uncommon for members to speak outside of operations or even play different games as a unit. Even those who move on to other things still stay stay in touch with us due to the strong friendships that are forged.


If you are looking for a great Arma unit then the 6th Airborne Division is the perfect place for you. Make friends within the unit and experience great operations.

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