ARMA 3 MilSIm Unit

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Weekly Operations

As a unit we currently operate two operations a week: Thursdays at 2000 GMT and Sundays at 1900 GMT. Alongside operations members of the 6th Airborne regularly meet up other days in the week to game together. When you join the 6th, you join a family, not just a unit.

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As a unit we use a robust base of mods from 3CB and Red Hammer Studios, to name just a few, to deliver a fantastic core experience. We also regularly take suggestions from our community and are always looking to expand our modlist.

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Dedicated Servers

As a unit we have access to our private server for operations, along with a teamspeak server too.

Currently we do not operate a 24/7 server or a public server, but watch this space.

Based on British Army tactics and equipment the 6th Airborne division tries to provide an accurate emulation of serving in the British Army, all within the confines of the ARMA 3 system. Through the use of modding we have access to a wide arsenal of BAF equipment and vehicles. All of the tactics we employ are based on real British Army manoeuvres, or adapted slightly due to engine limitations and to ensure missions are enjoyable.

When you join the 6th you join more than an unit; you join a family too. The 6th have a proud history of camaraderie, and the people you meet here in the 6th will become your friends. It is not uncommon for members to speak outside of operations or even play different games as a unit. Even those who move on to other things still stay stay in touch with us due to the strong friendships that are forged.

If you are looking for something more than your average ARMA Life server, or have an interest in developing your skills in ARMA then the 6th is the perfect place for you. Get ready to make friends, experience some intense combat action, while growing inline with our community. Are you ready to become the best you can be?

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